Health Care

Air purifier


Jimiki, which consists of 10 different types of botanical extracts, is not harmful to human body and is capable of purifying air that has been polluted due to many reasons including virus.

Materials :


Eradicates harmful substances

It helps prevent health of family members from various viruses, and it is also helpful in preventing flu among children and parents during weather changing seasons.

SARS prevention effect

Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology proved the product to be effective in deterring SARS virus, which has been the greatest threat against humanity this century with high fatality rate.

Immunity intensification effect

The product helps you to protect your health by preventing air-borne infection of virus and germs.

Deodorizing effect

Boasting a natural fresh scent, it helps deodorize including cigarette smell, and helps freshen up the area.

Sterilization effect

It is highly effective in preventing asthma and respiratory diseases as it principally eradicates an environment where fungus, germs and bacteria can live on.