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● Since 1999, Originator of Foot Patch (Detox Patch, Sap Sheet)

● Raw materials: Agaricus mushroom (Brazilian product), Eucalyptus tree (Brazilian product), Tourmaline, Adjusted starch

● Configuration: 30 patches pack. Various other packages are available. ODM is available

● Function and effect: Increases immunity in human body by the effect of Brazilian natural Agaricus mushroom. Absorbs waste from the soles of feet and keeps feet warm while you sleep, thanks to the strong absorption power of Brazilian Eucalyptus wood powder, which is over 110m tall. Helps metabolism with acupoint massage and release of far infrared rays and anions by tourmaline powder. Smooth blood circulation through the discharge of body waste.


  • 1 Japanese patent registration, 2 Korean patent registrations, 1 Korean Utility Model Registration, 1 overseas patent application
  • Original product of the first foot patch
  • It has been sold in the North American pharmacy chain stores such as Walgreen, Rite-aid, Drug-Mart, and Meijer, Marsh Market for about 5 years since 2006. It is recognized for its reputation and still being loved in the American market.
  • Global Netterumani used by people all over the world and sold over 1 billion sheets to 2018 year
  • US FDA’s Clinic Trials Data, US FDA’s Waste Analysis, Passed US FDA safety test
  • European CE certification (exported to all European countries such as UK, Germany, France, Norway)
  • Products recommended by Japan Adult Disease Prevention Association and Korea Adult Disease Prevention Association
  • Being sold in Shilla Duty Free Shop, Galleria Duty Free Shop, HDC Shilla Duty Free Shop, SM Duty Free Shop, Shinsegae Duty Free Shop
  • The longest-selling product in Japan to the present day (Best-selling product since 1999)
  • Brazilian government AAO certificate, Passed KOTRIC skin sensitization test
  • Passed KOTRIC Cytotoxicity test, Passed KOTRIC skin irritation test 
  • BRS measurement change test, Anion Release Test