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Oil Blotting paper


Features of product

Material analysis


  1. Produced by petrochemistry
  2.  Not absorbing oil, but sticking on film surface
  3.  Not good on your cheek by chemical material
  4.  Not dessolved in nature(environmental pollution)


  1. Absorbing moisture as well as oil (low selectivity)
  2. Low absorbing power
  3. Weak(tear easily)

HEMP (麻)
Blotting oil paper

  1. High absorbing power
  2. High selectivity(absorbing oil without moisture)
  3. Good for your cheek by natural material
  4.  Easy dessolved in nature(environment–friendly goods)
  5.  Silky and smooth touch
  6.  Traditional material used in japan for 200 years * Oil blotting paper by HEMP is produced in japan only