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Hot Water System


● 'Ondol' is one of the world top 3 greatest inventions together with Hangul and metal type in Korea. ‘Hot Water System’ is our own simplified and miniature 'Ondol' with modern technology.

● ‘Hot Water System’ is not only hot water mat product itself but also it concludes various types of hot water products. Multi-Foldable Mat, Waist Belt, Foot & Leg Warmer, Knee pads, Shoulder Pads, Small Water Bottles, etc. are all patented.

● All of these products already received recognition on the perfect quality from hospitals, medical treatment facilities and medical-related companies in Japan.


  • Waist Belt
The waist supporting a person with the largest joints in the human body! This product adopting a hot water circulation is highly recommended to those who suffer from backache or have cold hands and feet.

  • Foot & Leg Warmer
A foot is a second heart! Vital parts of the whole body are concentrated in the sole of the feet. You can have thermal effects to the part of feet and calf with using a foot bath cover, and the warmer is designed to improve blood circulation.

  • Knee Pad
The knee is most used among human joints! So, the part has a lot of degenerative diseases as well. It places emphasis on convenience and comfort in use and adopts a method of warming the inside of the knee intensively.

  • Single & Double Mat
Mat is a 2-fold or 3-fold mat. It can be used unfolded or folded, and is easy to move and storage. Even when you fold it, the mat can keep the hose unbroken. The Hygiene and environment qualities are very important for Mat because it is used in Japan’s hospitals, treatment facilities, and the like.

  • Various Body-Care Products
Multiple Ondol Mat, Sitting Mat, Hot Water Bottle and etc.